In 1983, Arrigoni Autotrasporti was founded in Appiano Gentile, province of Como. We started with just one vehicle. Today, we can offer a range of services to our customers.

International road transport


We transport oversized loads using flatbed and extendable semi-trailers, fitted with access ramps for vehicles, transporting machinery,industrial goods and manufactured goods in general. The company is equipped with large capacity truck cranes that are extremely versatile and can even be used in the construction field.


Lorry with ramps

Arrigoni Autotrasporti specialises in the handling of textile machinery and tools and industrial removals with qualified personnel. We also have a warehouse for short and long term storage of palletised materials and machinery.

Arrigoni Trasporti - P.Iva 01352500134 -  Via Andrea Crespi, 10 - 22070 Appiano Gentile (CO)

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